Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Advantages of a Van Sales Management System

Van sales is a delivery service in which van is considered as the distributor and orders are booked on a daily basis. It is considered as the backbone of supply chain management for direct store delivery companies in the retail industries. A sales representatives approval is required when the orders are loaded into the van. It provides great customer satisfaction which leads to the growth and sustainability of the system.

Van sales management system is a solution for managing van sales, distribution and route accounting in the most efficient and cost-effective way. It provides an advanced secondary sales execution solution driving benefits across the demand chain. The real time van inventory or direct sales are supervised and managed extensively. It provides the complete secondary sales tracking, recording the payment collection and printing the receipts on the go. The information's available on the real-time transmission of orders, invoices, returns and merchandising leads to the planning of the loads to be carried for each run along with the software. It is a very efficient and easy to use solution for the sales and distribution business.
A Van Sales Management System in a distribution company helps the company in the better visibility of the current activities happening on the road. The system can be operated online or offline and the various transactions can be captured using handheld devices which improves accounting, reduces manual data entry, improves accuracy,sales, and accounting cycle.

Advantages of Van sales system

  • Flexible and User Defined Route Definitions
  • Van sales, Van stock, and return processing
  • Sales promotion
  • Customer payments
  • Order taking process
  • Route plan management
  • Customer visit sequence management
  • Van Sales Process Enforcement for Salesman
  • Improve stock visibility
  • Real time inventory management
  • Compact inventory management
  • Improve forecast


Industries that use a van sales system 
Companies dealing with fresh products:
The fresh produce has to remain fresh until it reaches the end users. The fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables travels from the farm to the distributor and the challenge of the industries is to keep it fresh until it reaches the customers. By using van sales the products are delivered quickly to the customers at their doorstep.

Products that require technical guidance:
The companies selling the products that require technical guidance uses van sales for the selling of their products. Dealers demonstrate the products to the customers and help them in making the decision. Using van sales the demonstration and selling of the product can be done across different regions.

Food companies:
The food companies dealing with the products having shorter life span should reach the customers at the earliest. Van sales are an ideal delivery system in the selling of dairy and bakery items.

Companies dealing with vehicles or equipment:
To beat the growing competitions with the various dealerships truck sales can be done which can cover a large area. The company can also provide services to customers.

Companies with stock keeping unit:
The stationary, art and cafe industries are taking their products to the end users in remote areas and provides comfort to the customers. The companies that have a large number of stock keeping units and low priced products make use of van sales.
The companies expanding its operations and looks for a simplified way to process the operations and thus comes the use of van sales management system which helps in keeping track of all the van sales and achieve their target.
iCresp provides Van Sales Management System with a strong business platform for the company.

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