Monday, June 3, 2019

6 Reasons To Use ERP Systems In An Automotive Industry

An ERP system is were vital to the core operations of their organization.  A management team in the automobile sector often needs to make critical decisions based on operations in an organization efficiently. An ERP supports operational efficiency, growth, cost reduction and business support. The integration with technology and web-based applications provides a competitive advantage to the organizations. ERP systems can be integrated into organizations which provide benefits that involve optimizing operations for efficiency, maximizing profitability and reducing cost.

The requirement of an automobile ERP in the automobile industry is very beneficial. Various value chain activities could be integrated. Inventory management and controlling and monitoring several projects simultaneously. It allows enterprise visibility. It reduces errors and provides operational excellence. An ERP Auto Repair Shop Management Software improves customer relationship and allows real time information access. The business could be increased by maintaining high service levels for the customers. The labor guide which is provided to the mechanics by the software can make the work of the mechanics more easier. It holds the work to the same standard and helps in streamlining the sales process. There are different benefits in using an ERP.

Reduced costs:

ERP systems help in reducing the cost of quality by checking whether the company has efficient quality assurance and management systems. An ERP system combines all the systems into a single interface, development, encompassing product, finance, customer relationship management, supply chain management and inventory management
Uniting of different functions helps in making a huge difference when it comes to improving cost efficiency and optimizing the automotive manufacturing company’s business processes. The software also helps in saving time and reduces costs for training employees by dealing with one software system instead of multiple software systems.

Enhanced collaboration and communication:

ERP applications consist of different features which include manipulating and sharing of data in real time, enhancing database security, improving collaboration and communication and optimizing database accessibility. The ERP system helps in eliminating the problem of combining data from different software systems and processes. In an ERP system different teams can compile, archive, and share information all on a single system. The system does these things accurately and secures manner.

Comprehensive analytics:

The best ERP solution like Auto Repair Shop Management Software helps the different teams in the organization to produce a multitude of reports such as income reports, expense statements, key performance indicators, inventory status updates, and much more. Generating these reports in a timely manner helps in responding to crisis and making decisions quickly. ERP reports could be created and accessed.

Increased productivity:

An ERP system has the ability to make the business processes more efficient. It helps in enhancing profitability.

Improved customer support:

ERP system helps to improve the ability to address the needs of the customer, from the time they first inquire about the products to the products been shipped to their doorstep

Optimized production and inventory management:

ERP systems help in simplifying the inventory process and avoid problems such as holding costs. For an automotive manufacturer, the ERP makes processes more efficient by synchronizing delivery of raw materials precisely with the start of production
An Auto Repair Shop Management Software helps operations in an organization to become leaner, by making every process in the inventory and production system happening for a specific reason and gives accurate data to use instead of guesswork and estimated data.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Who Prefers Auto Repair Shop Management Software?

Auto repair shop management software is used in auto repair shops to manage their repair business by providing necessary tools such as vehicle history, point of sale, estimation and invoicing. An auto repair software also provides features such as customer service features, accounts payable management, purchase orders, and inventory management which provides benefit for an auto repair shop.

Benefits of Auto Repair Shop Management Software

  • It provides customers with real-time updates on repair status
  • Saves unnecessary paperwork with electronic contracts
  • Manages inventory more effectively
  • Reduces time loss and costs.

This software helps in organizing businesses. The software helps in ensuring that the records are maintained, all the parts required for repairs are in stock or ordered, and ensures that mechanics have all information and tools they need to complete the repairs. It helps in saving valuable time and ensures the smooth running of the repair while maintaining accurate records and labor to avoid invoicing mistakes.

Mobile Readiness: The Auto repair software with mobile apps allows the users to access and manage company information any time which helps to save time spent at the office doing invoices, and provides good customer support.

Vehicle Information Scanning : This is a feature which saves time. While running an auto repair shop, the documentation of vehicles and parts inventory should be maintained essentially which helps in maintaining a high volume of customers. Vehicle identification number (VIN) scanners are one of the auto repair system features which takes the errors associated with manual entry out of the equation. The VIN can be scanned using a mobile device and the customer and vehicle information is found which reduces the additional input.

Customer Retention : Maintaining high service levels for the customers could increase the business. The software also makes work easier for the mechanics by providing a labor guide for the mechanics. It also helps in streamlining the sales process and holds the work to the same standard.

People using Auto Repair Softwares

The Auto Repair Shop Management Software is mainly used by the automotive industry within repair shops and small and large scale businesses. Managers and mechanics can use the software for organizing their jobs.

Shop Managers:
Shop managers use the software to organize their workforce and day-to-day operations. The software helps in organizing the entire shop from back office tasks which includes accounting, invoicing, employee management and client data. Managers can manage their current inventory, jobs in progress, available mechanics all in one place which helps in allocating resources accurately and determines the availability to perform new jobs. They can perform operations more quickly by increasing the volume of repairs and the purchase orders for parts are created and the orders estimate the duration of repairs.

Mechanics use the software to organize their individual jobs which include repairs need to be performed, materials or parts required and the duration of the job. The tools provided by the software allows mechanics to work more quickly and efficiently which helps in performing more tasks in less time. The software also helps in organizing by providing the history of the vehicle, details of the parts they required, and what parts are to be ordered.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Benefits Of An Auto Repair Shop Management Software

Do you ever think what is the purpose of an Auto shop management software? Is this beneficial for a company? You can get all the solutions from here. The key factors of success for any auto repair shop will be its visibility, efficient service and good customer relations. An Auto shop management software can help a company in achieving these goals by tracking customers, automating tasks and vehicle histories. It also helps in connecting to major parts dealers and maintenance databases. The software could be used in small, large independent car repair shops and mobile mechanics irrespective of its size. It helps in running the business more efficiently and keeps accurate track of all the finances and work documents, which makes the business more profitable. It includes features such as accounting, scheduling and inventory management. This software helps the customers to avail the service easily, fastly and often digitally. With the help of technology, an auto repair shop could save its time, organize the business and could easily diagnose, estimate and repair the cars. It also creates better communication with customers which leads to better customer experience and helps in the growth of the business.

Advantages of Auto shop management software:

  • Time and space saving:
        The auto repair shop management software helps in the reduction of time on daily shop operations which includes diagnosing, estimating, ordering parts, scheduling appointments, repairing vehicles, processing payments, accounting, managing personnel and payroll, and back-office operations.

  • Performance tracking:
        The software helps in the tracking of the shop’s performance by measuring the performance and evaluating which areas perform well and which areas require more attention. This helps in a better view of the business.

  • Simplify estimates and repairs:
        The time taken for accurate estimates writing could be reduced which helps in the completion of the repair reliably and quickly. Icresp: Auto Repair Shop Management Software, helps in fast track estimation, diagnostic and repair processes.

  • Better communication and access to information:
        This software helps to manage the shop by making it easy to share information across the business easily and quickly. The real-time information sharing helps in keeping everyone informed on the same page and not duplicating the work.

  • Organizing:
        The software helps in organizing the records efficiently, from accounting reports to customer receipts to vehicle history. The shop could be organized and the hassle can be reduced just by typing the customer name and finding their account details and vehicle information easily and quickly.

  • Engage customers:
         It is possible to see all the customer’s account and vehicle history. The Icresp: Auto Repair Shop Management Software provides a user-friendly customer details dashboard which displays all the necessary customer details, vehicle’s information and reports

Monday, February 25, 2019

Advantages of Supply Chain Management Software

Supply chain management is a highly sophisticated and technology-dependent which manages the flow of goods and services and combines the business functions of purchasing, inventory and warehouse management, customer service, and logistics together. The supply chain management experts focus on managing the flow of goods, revenue, and data while surpassing customer expectations and maintaining costs to an absolute minimum. The Supply chain management includes a broad range of activities consisting of everything from product development to logistics which includes production, manufacturing, transportation, sourcing, inventory and warehouse management, and shipping. Logistics, a component of supply chain management focuses on moving a product in an efficient way such that it arrives at the right place at the right time. It manages activities such as packaging, transportation, distribution, warehousing, and delivery.
Supply chain management software is a software program or modules that are used to manage the flow of goods, data, and finances as a product or service. It is designed to control end to end business, performing demand planning and forecasting. It also manages supplier relationships.

Advantages of SCM software:

Increased efficiency:
It is designed to improve the efficiency of the operation from inventory check-in and storage to distribution and transportation.

Reduced costs:
The cost of waste is identified and eliminated by many of the intelligence features. The labor cost is reduced by the increase in efficiency.

Trend analysis:
The intelligence features help in improving revenues by identifying strongly performing products and guides the user in meeting market demand.

Improves customer service:
It helps in improving customer services, communication, forecasting, and decision-making

The Supply Chain Management Software Saudi:Icresp provides more responsive and demand driven supply chain.

Features of SCM Software:

Supply chain planning:
The planning systems are used to adjust the speed and flow of production and forecast customer demand.

Demand planning:
It improves the accuracy of potential demand forecasts by reducing biases in the data and provides the data to the organization in real-time.

Vendor managed inventory:
It provides the suppliers with the ability to monitor and replenish the buyer's inventory themselves. The various communication options help multiple business partners to increase visibility.

Supplier management:
Buyers can monitor the performance of their suppliers and help users keep track of their supplier’s regulatory compliance.

It maintains the financial side of supplier/customer relationships and carries out purchase order.

Warehouse management:
It monitors and controls the movement of materials within the warehouse. It also assists with the design of warehouse infrastructure.

Transportation management:
The software guides the movement of materials to and from the warehouse.

Order management:
It helps in the decrease of lead times on production orders which results in a smooth quote to cash processes. After the order completion, the software keeps track of unpaid orders through revenue recognition processes.

Icresp: Supply Chain Management Software Saudi is one of the best scm which helps over the inventory and warehouse management with simple user customization features.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Features Of An Accounting Software

Why use accounting software? Does your company require an accounting system? We have answers for these questions and we will help you understand the purpose of accounting software in the management of your business

Accounting software is a computer program which is used to perform arithmetic or accounting operation and meets the internal and external financial expenses and keeps a record of it. It is used to inform about the wide range of finance-related business needs which helps in adding accuracy and proficiency to the business. Accounting solutions are used to keep records of the transaction. The accounting transactions are processed within functional modules such as account payables, journal, payroll, account receivable, gender ledger and trial balance. Any organization can record and Monitor their cash flows through which they can prevent future financial loss, and can make better monetary choices. Icresp: Accounting Software Bahrain is an easy-to-use business accounting system which helps to manage accounts.

What are the advantages of using accounting software?

The business owner can complete all accounting operations without depending on an external party to keep the budget in the loop. It provides simple data entry which is typically fast and straightforward.

Cost savings:
There is no need for outsourcing finance management to an external expert. Accounting and finances systems automate core calculations and administrative procedures and take control of the revenue framework which helps in reducing the costs related to printing and distributing documentation.

Full financial transparency:
The automating calculations avoid recurring human errors and costs. The calculation of inaccurate totals and the error in reporting of data in time can lead to crisis.

Accurate forecasting:
Accounting software helps in the overview of the current financial state and helps in developing smart strategies and to allocate resources in the right way.

It increases productivity and helps to collect, organize, and analyze the most sensitive data. It also helps in the effective use of money and improves performance.

Tax compliance:
The accounting systems store all important details to maintain a transparent workflow and gives all the source of tax and audit information.

Prevents Financial data from falling into the wrong hands or getting lost by mistake in the company. The accounting & finance systems prevent accounting from being gambled in any way and keep an extra copy which when required can be retrieved.

The Features of an accounting Software:

The basic ones in a system general ledger, fixed assets, accounts payable & receivable, and bank reconciliation.

Billing & Invoicing:
These are an integral module of any finance operation and adjust operations to new and effective payment methods and prepare accurate and in-time invoices for their clients.

Budgeting and Forecasting:
It calculates and interprets finance performance for the current year and helps in estimating the budget of the upcoming one.

Management of fixed asset:
It helps in the management of financial data much more accurately

Payroll management:
It is useful in calculating and processing employee payments, preparing and printing their checks without delays. It also responds to all active legal and tax commitments without errors.

Project accounting:
It estimates and handles overheads and costs related to labor, material, equipment, and all other features frequently met in accounting systems.

Fund accounting:
This is designed for government agencies and nonprofit organizations

Inventory management:
Inventory management is a specific toolkit used for stock control. All the necessary tools for business are available here. It helps in avoiding all sorts of delivery issues such as overstocking or understocking.

Icresp: Accounting Software Bahrain is the best Software for all businesses which has financing, billing, revenue-tracking, accounting, financial planning, and reporting modules built in and is economical

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Advantages of a Van Sales Management System

Van sales is a delivery service in which van is considered as the distributor and orders are booked on a daily basis. It is considered as the backbone of supply chain management for direct store delivery companies in the retail industries. A sales representatives approval is required when the orders are loaded into the van. It provides great customer satisfaction which leads to the growth and sustainability of the system.

Van sales management system is a solution for managing van sales, distribution and route accounting in the most efficient and cost-effective way. It provides an advanced secondary sales execution solution driving benefits across the demand chain. The real time van inventory or direct sales are supervised and managed extensively. It provides the complete secondary sales tracking, recording the payment collection and printing the receipts on the go. The information's available on the real-time transmission of orders, invoices, returns and merchandising leads to the planning of the loads to be carried for each run along with the software. It is a very efficient and easy to use solution for the sales and distribution business.
A Van Sales Management System in a distribution company helps the company in the better visibility of the current activities happening on the road. The system can be operated online or offline and the various transactions can be captured using handheld devices which improves accounting, reduces manual data entry, improves accuracy,sales, and accounting cycle.

Advantages of Van sales system

  • Flexible and User Defined Route Definitions
  • Van sales, Van stock, and return processing
  • Sales promotion
  • Customer payments
  • Order taking process
  • Route plan management
  • Customer visit sequence management
  • Van Sales Process Enforcement for Salesman
  • Improve stock visibility
  • Real time inventory management
  • Compact inventory management
  • Improve forecast

Industries that use a van sales system 
Companies dealing with fresh products:
The fresh produce has to remain fresh until it reaches the end users. The fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables travels from the farm to the distributor and the challenge of the industries is to keep it fresh until it reaches the customers. By using van sales the products are delivered quickly to the customers at their doorstep.

Products that require technical guidance:
The companies selling the products that require technical guidance uses van sales for the selling of their products. Dealers demonstrate the products to the customers and help them in making the decision. Using van sales the demonstration and selling of the product can be done across different regions.

Food companies:
The food companies dealing with the products having shorter life span should reach the customers at the earliest. Van sales are an ideal delivery system in the selling of dairy and bakery items.

Companies dealing with vehicles or equipment:
To beat the growing competitions with the various dealerships truck sales can be done which can cover a large area. The company can also provide services to customers.

Companies with stock keeping unit:
The stationary, art and cafe industries are taking their products to the end users in remote areas and provides comfort to the customers. The companies that have a large number of stock keeping units and low priced products make use of van sales.
The companies expanding its operations and looks for a simplified way to process the operations and thus comes the use of van sales management system which helps in keeping track of all the van sales and achieve their target.
iCresp provides Van Sales Management System with a strong business platform for the company.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Why Use ERP System Software?

Enterprise resource planning or ERP software is a business process management software which has a suite of applications that manages core business processes such as purchasing, accounting, sales, human resource, customer support, CRM and inventory. It helps the organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services, and human resources. It collects,store, manage and interpret data from various business units using a centralized database. The need of ERP software is to increase the efficiency, streamline processes and promote a culture of collaboration in the organization.

Advantages of an ERP System Software

  • It increases efficiency by integrating accounting, sales, marketing, production and inventory in one ERP platform and makes easier to collect and access data across the organization. It eliminates the repetitive processes and automates day to day tasks.

  • Promotes collaboration by breaking down walls between departments and a process superhighway is used to link local workstations together. This helps the teams that used to operate in a vacuum to easily collaborate with other teams inside the ERP platform.

  • ERP reporting tools use advanced filters and analytics and the deduplication ensures data is duplicate free and updated which leads to the accurate forecasts. Managers can generate reports with realistic forecasts using data integrity intact.

  • Increases data security by providing the admin the user permission rules which gives the flexibility to lock in sensitive data without limiting user access to other information. The data breach is restricted by using the firewalls and restriction controls. The admin can also spot unauthorized actions or suspicious activity patterns in the system.

  • The administrative and the operation costs are reduced with one source of accurate, real time information. The ERP allowing production, engineering, customer service, and other business units to work closely together using real-time data the resolving of sudden problems is faster.

The basic modules in an ERP system software:

  • Financial management: The module manages the capital inflow and outflow and covers standard Accounting & Finance transactions like expenditures, general ledger, balance sheet, bank reconciliation, tax management, and payments. It also generates financial reports for different business units.

  • Customer Relationship Management: The CRM Module manages the opportunities, leads and customer issues. It helps to boost the customer service and provides a full angle profile of the customers by consolidating data which includes social media activities, purchase history and past interactions with support representatives.

  • Sales and marketing: It handles sales workflows such as sales inquiries, quotations, sales orders, and sales invoices. The more advanced ERP also has features such as taxation rules and shipping tracker. The CRM modules and the Sales are integrated together which helps to speed up the sales cycle and earn more profit

  • Manufacturing: This module helps the manufacturing industry for delivering the product. It includes functionalities like product planning, raw material usage, machine scheduling, daily production monitoring, forecasting and production reporting. It is also referred to as Engineering or Production module.

  • Human Resource Management: The HRM module includes HRMS tools like time tracker, timesheet, and database for employee records, job profiles, and skills also contains performance reviews and payroll systems.

  • Supply Chain Management: Process automation is a key feature in SCM which streamlines the entire supply chain and makes it adaptive to sudden market shifts. It also covers every key aspect of the supply chain system including purchase order management.

  • Inventory: This module helps to measure stock targets, standardize replenishments and other inventory goals. It is integrated with the Purchase module and the product serial numbers are used to track and locate items in the organization.

  • Purchasing: It functions closely with SCM or Inventory manages the processes involved in materials procurement which includes supplier listings, quotation requests, and analysis, purchase orders, Good Receipt Notes, and stock updates.

iCresp which is the ERP System Software Saudi consists of all these basic modules at its best. Every module given is specialized to handle defined business processes of an organization.

iCresp: ERP System Software Saudi provides a complete solution for small to large scale of business and useful for the businesses which are focussing on significant growth. It helps to track suppliers, materials and production costs and helps in maintaining the relationship with end customers.

Monday, January 7, 2019

10 Tips To Choose The Best Project Management ERP

Many businesses doesn't find traditional ERP much effective and approaches the Project Management ERP which is a brand-new approach to enterprise software that implements project management techniques and features. This software module meets the requirements of engineer-to-order and make-to-order manufacturers by providing specialized planning and tracking tools which is necessary to manage straightforward production and overall finances. It provides a true end-to-end solution and a complete overview of the company's processes when compared to traditional ERP. Many service based organization, construction companies and project based manufacturers find this software much useful.

Features of a project based ERP

The project based ERP consists of many features such as:

  • Project Based Accounting which allows the accounting staffs to record the costs and revenue of different projects and gives the users the financial state and report on the project level.
  • Human Resource Management can exhibit more trends in human resources which can be presented in a number of ways which includes visual reports such as graphs and charts.
  • Supply Chain Management provides the project-based manufacturing software which can manage an iterative supply chain. It focusses on the thorough understanding of the product's lifecycles through end to end management of the supply chain.
  • Customer Relationship Management helps to manage all customer related issues and inquiries in one system using customer portals. With the help of the CRM tools, the complete customer data and history is supplied which also includes previous conversations and purchase history.
  • Project Management is the system's ability to centralize and integrate different processes. The project management tools are provided to aid project based organization and also enables users to manage billing, invoicing and contracts for optimizing the payment collection process.

Project Management ERP In Saudi also consists of these features and provides tools to synchronize dates, track statuses, ensure profitability and avoid missed deadlines. It also has the cost accounting functionality to manage the project costs.

To select the best project management ERP some of these features must be considered:

  • User friendly interface
  • Monitor Profit and Loss on projects
  • Approval based workflows
  • Activity based costing
  • Cost allocation on material & equipment to projects
  • Project based procurement
  • Integrated to financials
  • Business specific Dashboards for project management, project financial tracking, and engineering.
  • Business specific Reports which tracks project status, costing and earned values.
  • Better visibility & control on inventory

Project Management ERP In Saudi is an end to end solution which provides specialized tools for planning and tracking which is designed to meet the needs related to effective project management and the skills, techniques, knowledge required for managing and accounting of the projects.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Is Retail Accounting Software Necessary For a Business?

Are you doing any retail business? How much revenue does that business make? You need to keep track of the daily transactions by moving it to the back-office general ledger system and manages the rest of the business. Every retail business includes simple cash and credit card payments for retail sales, creating purchase orders for stock, processing online orders and many such business related activities. You could manage your retail business finances using the retail accounting software. The retail accounting software is not just used for accounting. They can be connected to many other apps which gives hundreds of joined-up tools to manage your retail business.

Retail accounting software handles outgoing payments for vendors, other operating expenses and all incoming payments similar to credited purchases. It monitors the current value of stock available, accounting for rapid and long-term depreciation of goods. It monitors the sales performance at a various level which includes product, location, date and time. It’s a baseline business practice in which businesses can make data-driven decisions to improve stock and increase sales. The main objective of the software is to centralize all accounting-related data in a single system and to provide users with accurate figures.

Some points have to be noted while deciding the purchase of accounting software:

  • Read the online forums and specifications carefully and ensure that the software works well for retailers. 
  • Ensure that it has multiple access levels of permissions for owners, managers and other staffs with special authorization which assure the security. 
  • Some of the accounting software track inventory and the others can be linked to add-on apps that can track. 
  • Cloud based system helps in accessing the account from anywhere. It also provides automatic backup and easy connection to other apps. 
  • A scalable system helps in adding new users when required and in an extensible system helps in adding new features to the software by purchasing new add-on business apps.

How Retail Accounting software helps in business?

Retail accounting software is an end-to-end system which gives the retailers full control over the business processes and helps in real-time access to data and analytical tools. It covers the whole aspects of a business from accounting, reporting and merchandising to store operation. This system helps the retailers to maintain their entire operation in a single and a centralized database system. You can record all the transactions and keep a record of it and can establish a clear picture of your business by recording every purchase, sales, payments of staffs, tax bills, and many other related data. You could review the difference between profit or loss and could watch the business performance on a day to day basis. Icresp which is a Retail Accounting Software In Saudi is such a software which can generate useful reports and helps in estimating the running of the business. 

Advantages of Retail Accounting Software

The retail accounting software has many advantages, especially in the business field.
The benefits include the simple data entry which is typically fast and required only once. It helps in automation of tasks,reports, and analysis and can be integrated with other systems. It process fastly and the errors are reduced. Moreover, accounting software can help in saving time and money and can improve the performance of your business.

Retail Accounting Software In Saudi like icresp is a full end to end system which helps in managing your business effectively and increase your business performance.


Sunday, December 16, 2018

Is Cloud ERP Ideal For Improving Business?

Are you running a business? Then, you will be aware of the importance of planning, management and utilization of resources for running it successfully. Right resources should be allocated in the right areas. This led to the origin of Enterprise Resource Planning System. Accounting, manufacturing, shipping, HR etc. can be managed using this ERP. Since the ERP system has an impact on manufacturing operations, the business will be responsive to the requirements of customers.

Now, let's discuss the technology to run it. We can run it on-premises or in the cloud. Traditionally it was run on the company's premises i.e., it can be installed on the company server. On-premise ERP has a lot of challenges. A dedicated IT team should be there to maintain it and requires an additional operating cost. Hardware maintenance and upgrades should be done frequently. Because of these challenges, small as well as growing enterprises can't use the on-premise ERP system and many companies begin to use the cloud.

Cloud ERP is a type of ERP software which is hosted on a cloud computing platform. Cloud based ERP system is consist of all the necessary ERP modules. In cloud ERP, the software system as well as the database will be on the vendor's server and it can be accessed from a remote desktop. So that it allows companies to access data in real time. This ERP is suitable for small, medium and large scale enterprises.

What are the benefits of adopting Cloud ERP?

Following are the benefits of using Cloud based ERP software -

It is easy to implement
Cost effective
Easy to integrate
Ensure data privacy
Faster and scalable solutions
Can access data from anywhere
Easy to use
Highly agile
Useful to scale business productivity

As you all know, selecting a suitable ERP system is really important for the growth of the business. While compared to on-premises ERP, cloud based ERP software is ideal for the growth of the business. So it will be better to choose Cloud ERP like iCresp.