Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Advantages of a Van Sales Management System

Van sales is a delivery service in which van is considered as the distributor and orders are booked on a daily basis. It is considered as the backbone of supply chain management for direct store delivery companies in the retail industries. A sales representatives approval is required when the orders are loaded into the van. It provides great customer satisfaction which leads to the growth and sustainability of the system.

Van sales management system is a solution for managing van sales, distribution and route accounting in the most efficient and cost-effective way. It provides an advanced secondary sales execution solution driving benefits across the demand chain. The real time van inventory or direct sales are supervised and managed extensively. It provides the complete secondary sales tracking, recording the payment collection and printing the receipts on the go. The information's available on the real-time transmission of orders, invoices, returns and merchandising leads to the planning of the loads to be carried for each run along with the software. It is a very efficient and easy to use solution for the sales and distribution business.
A Van Sales Management System in a distribution company helps the company in the better visibility of the current activities happening on the road. The system can be operated online or offline and the various transactions can be captured using handheld devices which improves accounting, reduces manual data entry, improves accuracy,sales, and accounting cycle.

Advantages of Van sales system

  • Flexible and User Defined Route Definitions
  • Van sales, Van stock, and return processing
  • Sales promotion
  • Customer payments
  • Order taking process
  • Route plan management
  • Customer visit sequence management
  • Van Sales Process Enforcement for Salesman
  • Improve stock visibility
  • Real time inventory management
  • Compact inventory management
  • Improve forecast


Industries that use a van sales system 
Companies dealing with fresh products:
The fresh produce has to remain fresh until it reaches the end users. The fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables travels from the farm to the distributor and the challenge of the industries is to keep it fresh until it reaches the customers. By using van sales the products are delivered quickly to the customers at their doorstep.

Products that require technical guidance:
The companies selling the products that require technical guidance uses van sales for the selling of their products. Dealers demonstrate the products to the customers and help them in making the decision. Using van sales the demonstration and selling of the product can be done across different regions.

Food companies:
The food companies dealing with the products having shorter life span should reach the customers at the earliest. Van sales are an ideal delivery system in the selling of dairy and bakery items.

Companies dealing with vehicles or equipment:
To beat the growing competitions with the various dealerships truck sales can be done which can cover a large area. The company can also provide services to customers.

Companies with stock keeping unit:
The stationary, art and cafe industries are taking their products to the end users in remote areas and provides comfort to the customers. The companies that have a large number of stock keeping units and low priced products make use of van sales.
The companies expanding its operations and looks for a simplified way to process the operations and thus comes the use of van sales management system which helps in keeping track of all the van sales and achieve their target.
iCresp provides Van Sales Management System with a strong business platform for the company.

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Why Use ERP System Software?

Enterprise resource planning or ERP software is a business process management software which has a suite of applications that manages core business processes such as purchasing, accounting, sales, human resource, customer support, CRM and inventory. It helps the organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions related to technology, services, and human resources. It collects,store, manage and interpret data from various business units using a centralized database. The need of ERP software is to increase the efficiency, streamline processes and promote a culture of collaboration in the organization.

Advantages of an ERP System Software

  • It increases efficiency by integrating accounting, sales, marketing, production and inventory in one ERP platform and makes easier to collect and access data across the organization. It eliminates the repetitive processes and automates day to day tasks.

  • Promotes collaboration by breaking down walls between departments and a process superhighway is used to link local workstations together. This helps the teams that used to operate in a vacuum to easily collaborate with other teams inside the ERP platform.

  • ERP reporting tools use advanced filters and analytics and the deduplication ensures data is duplicate free and updated which leads to the accurate forecasts. Managers can generate reports with realistic forecasts using data integrity intact.

  • Increases data security by providing the admin the user permission rules which gives the flexibility to lock in sensitive data without limiting user access to other information. The data breach is restricted by using the firewalls and restriction controls. The admin can also spot unauthorized actions or suspicious activity patterns in the system.

  • The administrative and the operation costs are reduced with one source of accurate, real time information. The ERP allowing production, engineering, customer service, and other business units to work closely together using real-time data the resolving of sudden problems is faster.

The basic modules in an ERP system software:

  • Financial management: The module manages the capital inflow and outflow and covers standard Accounting & Finance transactions like expenditures, general ledger, balance sheet, bank reconciliation, tax management, and payments. It also generates financial reports for different business units.

  • Customer Relationship Management: The CRM Module manages the opportunities, leads and customer issues. It helps to boost the customer service and provides a full angle profile of the customers by consolidating data which includes social media activities, purchase history and past interactions with support representatives.

  • Sales and marketing: It handles sales workflows such as sales inquiries, quotations, sales orders, and sales invoices. The more advanced ERP also has features such as taxation rules and shipping tracker. The CRM modules and the Sales are integrated together which helps to speed up the sales cycle and earn more profit

  • Manufacturing: This module helps the manufacturing industry for delivering the product. It includes functionalities like product planning, raw material usage, machine scheduling, daily production monitoring, forecasting and production reporting. It is also referred to as Engineering or Production module.

  • Human Resource Management: The HRM module includes HRMS tools like time tracker, timesheet, and database for employee records, job profiles, and skills matrix.it also contains performance reviews and payroll systems.

  • Supply Chain Management: Process automation is a key feature in SCM which streamlines the entire supply chain and makes it adaptive to sudden market shifts. It also covers every key aspect of the supply chain system including purchase order management.

  • Inventory: This module helps to measure stock targets, standardize replenishments and other inventory goals. It is integrated with the Purchase module and the product serial numbers are used to track and locate items in the organization.

  • Purchasing: It functions closely with SCM or Inventory modules.it manages the processes involved in materials procurement which includes supplier listings, quotation requests, and analysis, purchase orders, Good Receipt Notes, and stock updates.

iCresp which is the ERP System Software Saudi consists of all these basic modules at its best. Every module given is specialized to handle defined business processes of an organization.

iCresp: ERP System Software Saudi provides a complete solution for small to large scale of business and useful for the businesses which are focussing on significant growth. It helps to track suppliers, materials and production costs and helps in maintaining the relationship with end customers.

Monday, January 7, 2019

10 Tips To Choose The Best Project Management ERP

Many businesses doesn't find traditional ERP much effective and approaches the Project Management ERP which is a brand-new approach to enterprise software that implements project management techniques and features. This software module meets the requirements of engineer-to-order and make-to-order manufacturers by providing specialized planning and tracking tools which is necessary to manage straightforward production and overall finances. It provides a true end-to-end solution and a complete overview of the company's processes when compared to traditional ERP. Many service based organization, construction companies and project based manufacturers find this software much useful.

Features of a project based ERP

The project based ERP consists of many features such as:

  • Project Based Accounting which allows the accounting staffs to record the costs and revenue of different projects and gives the users the financial state and report on the project level.
  • Human Resource Management can exhibit more trends in human resources which can be presented in a number of ways which includes visual reports such as graphs and charts.
  • Supply Chain Management provides the project-based manufacturing software which can manage an iterative supply chain. It focusses on the thorough understanding of the product's lifecycles through end to end management of the supply chain.
  • Customer Relationship Management helps to manage all customer related issues and inquiries in one system using customer portals. With the help of the CRM tools, the complete customer data and history is supplied which also includes previous conversations and purchase history.
  • Project Management is the system's ability to centralize and integrate different processes. The project management tools are provided to aid project based organization and also enables users to manage billing, invoicing and contracts for optimizing the payment collection process.

Project Management ERP In Saudi also consists of these features and provides tools to synchronize dates, track statuses, ensure profitability and avoid missed deadlines. It also has the cost accounting functionality to manage the project costs.

To select the best project management ERP some of these features must be considered:

  • User friendly interface
  • Monitor Profit and Loss on projects
  • Approval based workflows
  • Activity based costing
  • Cost allocation on material & equipment to projects
  • Project based procurement
  • Integrated to financials
  • Business specific Dashboards for project management, project financial tracking, and engineering.
  • Business specific Reports which tracks project status, costing and earned values.
  • Better visibility & control on inventory

Project Management ERP In Saudi is an end to end solution which provides specialized tools for planning and tracking which is designed to meet the needs related to effective project management and the skills, techniques, knowledge required for managing and accounting of the projects.

Friday, December 28, 2018

Is Retail Accounting Software Necessary For a Business?

Are you doing any retail business? How much revenue does that business make? You need to keep track of the daily transactions by moving it to the back-office general ledger system and manages the rest of the business. Every retail business includes simple cash and credit card payments for retail sales, creating purchase orders for stock, processing online orders and many such business related activities. You could manage your retail business finances using the retail accounting software. The retail accounting software is not just used for accounting. They can be connected to many other apps which gives hundreds of joined-up tools to manage your retail business.

Retail accounting software handles outgoing payments for vendors, other operating expenses and all incoming payments similar to credited purchases. It monitors the current value of stock available, accounting for rapid and long-term depreciation of goods. It monitors the sales performance at a various level which includes product, location, date and time. It’s a baseline business practice in which businesses can make data-driven decisions to improve stock and increase sales. The main objective of the software is to centralize all accounting-related data in a single system and to provide users with accurate figures.

Some points have to be noted while deciding the purchase of accounting software:

  • Read the online forums and specifications carefully and ensure that the software works well for retailers. 
  • Ensure that it has multiple access levels of permissions for owners, managers and other staffs with special authorization which assure the security. 
  • Some of the accounting software track inventory and the others can be linked to add-on apps that can track. 
  • Cloud based system helps in accessing the account from anywhere. It also provides automatic backup and easy connection to other apps. 
  • A scalable system helps in adding new users when required and in an extensible system helps in adding new features to the software by purchasing new add-on business apps.

How Retail Accounting software helps in business?

Retail accounting software is an end-to-end system which gives the retailers full control over the business processes and helps in real-time access to data and analytical tools. It covers the whole aspects of a business from accounting, reporting and merchandising to store operation. This system helps the retailers to maintain their entire operation in a single and a centralized database system. You can record all the transactions and keep a record of it and can establish a clear picture of your business by recording every purchase, sales, payments of staffs, tax bills, and many other related data. You could review the difference between profit or loss and could watch the business performance on a day to day basis. Icresp which is a Retail Accounting Software In Saudi is such a software which can generate useful reports and helps in estimating the running of the business. 

Advantages of Retail Accounting Software

The retail accounting software has many advantages, especially in the business field.
The benefits include the simple data entry which is typically fast and required only once. It helps in automation of tasks,reports, and analysis and can be integrated with other systems. It process fastly and the errors are reduced. Moreover, accounting software can help in saving time and money and can improve the performance of your business.

Retail Accounting Software In Saudi like icresp is a full end to end system which helps in managing your business effectively and increase your business performance.


Sunday, December 16, 2018

Is Cloud ERP Ideal For Improving Business?

Are you running a business? Then, you will be aware of the importance of planning, management and utilization of resources for running it successfully. Right resources should be allocated in the right areas. This led to the origin of Enterprise Resource Planning System. Accounting, manufacturing, shipping, HR etc. can be managed using this ERP. Since the ERP system has an impact on manufacturing operations, the business will be responsive to the requirements of customers.

Now, let's discuss the technology to run it. We can run it on-premises or in the cloud. Traditionally it was run on the company's premises i.e., it can be installed on the company server. On-premise ERP has a lot of challenges. A dedicated IT team should be there to maintain it and requires an additional operating cost. Hardware maintenance and upgrades should be done frequently. Because of these challenges, small as well as growing enterprises can't use the on-premise ERP system and many companies begin to use the cloud.

Cloud ERP is a type of ERP software which is hosted on a cloud computing platform. Cloud based ERP system is consist of all the necessary ERP modules. In cloud ERP, the software system as well as the database will be on the vendor's server and it can be accessed from a remote desktop. So that it allows companies to access data in real time. This ERP is suitable for small, medium and large scale enterprises.


What are the benefits of adopting Cloud ERP?

Following are the benefits of using Cloud based ERP software -

It is easy to implement
Cost effective
Easy to integrate
Ensure data privacy
Faster and scalable solutions
Can access data from anywhere
Easy to use
Highly agile
Useful to scale business productivity

As you all know, selecting a suitable ERP system is really important for the growth of the business. While compared to on-premises ERP, cloud based ERP software is ideal for the growth of the business. So it will be better to choose Cloud ERP like iCresp.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Tips To Choose The Best Accounting Software

Do you know what is an accounting software? What are its benefits? How can you select the best accounting software? I think these are the common doubts that we have while thinking about an accounting software.

Let's start with the term, accounting software. Actually, what is it? Accounting software is a computer software that is used to manage accounts and to perform accounting operations. Accounting software is useful to keep the records of each transaction. It is useful for small business to automate day to day tasks. If you are planning to start a business, then this should be the first software that you should buy because it will be very useful to track your income and expenses.

What are the benefits of accounting software?

Following are the benefits of an accounting software Bahrain -

Data entry will be simple
Reports can be generated automatically
Can save price and time
Accurate forecasting
Useful to minimize errors
Improve productivity
Simplify tax compliance
Can improve relationships with customers
Financial data will be secure

How to choose the best accounting software?

Selecting the best accounting software Bahrain is not at all an easy task. Business owners should have a clear picture of their business then only they will get an idea about what kind of software they have to use. The accounting software that you are going to select should handle payroll, inventory management, and cost accounting. You have to decide whether you need an online software or offline software. It will be better if the software can support multi-currency transactions. Apart from this, to get the best accounting software, consider the following factors -

Check whether it has an integrated invoicing module
It should be customizable
It should be user-friendly
It should be secure
Check whether it is affordable

Also, try to get in touch with the people who have used that particular accounting software Bahrain. It will be useful to know more about that software. You can schedule a demo of it to know more about it. Hope these points are clear to you. Nowadays many accounting software like iCresp is available. You have to choose the best one according to the factors discussed above.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Which Is The Best Van Sales Management System In Saudi?

Do you know what is a Van Sales Management System? What are its benefits? How can you get a van sales management system? Van sales management system is useful for managing van sales, distribution and route accounting efficiently. This system will be suitable for distributors to manage their daily transactions. Van sales ERP system will be useful to automate mobile sales which will be good to improve the sales cycle and it will reduce your workload.

What are the advantages of van sales management system?

The key benefits of using Van sales management system are as follows -

Improves sales and accounting cycle
Reduce manual data entry
Accurate data
Accurate route definitions
Sales promotions
Improve stock visibility
Real-time inventory management
Better productivity

Hope now you got some idea about van sales management system and its benefits. I think now you are looking to find the best van sales management system. Am I right?

Today, different types of van sales ERP software are available so that you may face some difficulty in choosing the best one. All you have to do is to make sure that the software which you have chosen can be customized to your business and check whether it is robust, flexible and user-friendly. If a software meets these criteria, then you can select it. Do you have some confusion in choosing the best van sales management system in Saudi? No need to worry. iCresp will be suitable for you. This ERP system software can be customized to any kind of business.

iCresp includes tablet-based android application and web-based ERP to manage marketing executives and business operations respectively. One of the most attractive features of this software is that its android application can work in offline mode. This android application will be useful for marketing executives to manage their daily tasks such as sales, receipts, sales return, quotation etc. Managers can check whether the executives are meeting their assigned tasks.

Want to know more features of this van sales management system Saudi? Then refer : http://www.icresp.com

Friday, November 2, 2018

VAT Return Filing in Bahrain 2018

You have heard that Bahrain is going to introduce VAT from January 2019, right? Actually, they have introduced it at a rate of 3-5% from the mid of 2018 itself and became the third GCC member state to introduce VAT. The minister of finance in Bahrain has appointed a tax authority to administer VAT. As a result of this, all companies have to register for Value-added tax and the authorities will take actions against the companies which have failed to do this.

Depending on local VAT regulations, VAT will vary for each GCC member state according to the place of supply. The majority of people have a lot of doubts about this like -

  • When will be the VAT due
  • Do we want to keep VAT invoice
  • How can we do VAT return filing
  • What is the threshold to register for VAT

VAT should be given before the supply of goods or services. We have to keep VAT invoices for at least 5 years from the year it was issued. But in the case of real estate properties, it should be kept for 15 years. The minimum VAT period is 1 month. Do you have a doubt that is there a threshold to register value-added tax? Yes, there is a threshold of BD 37,700.

What is VAT Return?

A VAT return is a formal record statement of paid VAT for goods and services during a specific period. It can be paid on a quarterly basis and monthly basis. If you paid the VAT tax, then you can file the VAT return. VAT return is a proof of tax payment. Now you might be thinking of how to file this. Am I right? If so, continue reading this.

How to File VAT Return?

VAT return filing in Bahrain is easy. There will be e-filing portal provided by the tax authorities. You can easily file VAT returns through this portal. Keep in mind that you can't file this in an offline mode. Don't feel that it is a hectic task because VAT return filing is very important. Through this filing only, you can inform the system about the VAT tax that you have paid. Actually, this filing method is a digitized way to store the details of taxes that you paid.

Hope now you might be aware of the importance of VAT and VAT return filing. Since all companies have to follow these rules, it will be better to try some VAT enabled ERP software like iCresp to manage your business efficiently. This software will be useful to reduce tax issues, accounting issues, penalties for VAT tax, manual data entry issues and so on.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

VAT Enabled ERP Software Solutions in Bahrain

Nowadays, the word, VAT is common among us but actually, what is it? I think a majority of us don't have a clear picture about it. We have heard that VAT is going to be implemented in GCC including Bahrain, UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman. It is a true fact that this new tax calculation will affect the companies in these regions.

What is VAT or value-added tax? VAT is a consumption tax which is placed on a product. i.e. it is the tax that we pay on goods and services. Since this tax rate is based on the location of the consumer, it is implemented as a destination based tax. Usually, the VAT rate is decided by the state by calculating the percentage of end market price. It is considered at each stage of the supply chain.VAT can be calculated by two methods either by invoice based method or by accounts based method. More than 160 countries use this taxation because it has many advantages.

What are the advantages of VAT?

  • Provide a stable revenue base
  • It can be imposed on all types of businesses
  • Provide strong incentives for business
  • Reduce obstacles to exports
  • Useful to maintain a balanced tax system

VAT Enabled ERP Software

Actually, most of the ERP software systems are equipped with some kind of VAT. VAT Enabled ERP Software in Bahrain verify VAT treatment of business's transactions mechanically or manual method. iCresp is one of the leading VAT enabled ERP software solutions in Bahrain. This software will be useful for companies to carry out VAT related activities efficiently. This software will be useful to kept business accounting up to date.

Companies which don't have a VAT-enabled ERP software will have to face the following problems -

  • Tax issues
  • Accounting issues
  • Cash flow forecasting issues
  • Penalties for VAT taxation
  • Manual data entry burdens
  • Internal and external pressures
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax audit assistance

iCresp which is the best VAT enabled software Bahrain is user-friendly, budget-friendly, robust and can be customized to meet your financial demands. It will manage your business taxation and thus you can overcome the above-mentioned issues. By referring to the following site, you can know more features of this software system - http://www.icresp.com

Friday, October 19, 2018

6 Tips To Choose The Best ERP System Software 2018

Nowadays the importance of ERP system software has increased so that we have to opt an ERP system software to manage our business efficiently. Do you know what is an ERP system software and how to choose the best one?

What is ERP? ERP is Enterprise Resource Planning. It is a software package which is designed for organizations to integrate all data related to it and covers all functions of an organization. An ERP system is a software package which offers all functionalities of an organization as a single package. A typical ERP system can replace more independent applications of an organization. ERP systems are complex and comprised of finance, HCM, CRM, purchasing, business intelligence modules. ERP software is used to manage the supply chain, warehouse, and inventory.

Today, various types of ERP system software are available, especially in Saudi so that you should be very careful while choosing one. It will be better if you keep in mind the following points -

  • Make a clear idea about your business requirements
  • Make a study on ERP systems which are available now. Have a clear idea about the software platform that you want - local, cloud or hybrid
  • ERP system should be customizable to manage your business
  • It should be user-friendly, robust and flexible
  • Make sure the ERP system is mobile-friendly
  • It should meet your budget

Hope these points will be useful for you while selecting the best ERP System Software Saudi. Always remember that it is an important responsibility so give some seriousness to this selection process.

In my opinion, iCresp will be the best ERP System Software Saudi. It has a strong accounting platform. This cloud-based ERP software is user-friendly, robust and flexible. If you want a demo of this, then you can check it on the following website: http://www.icresp.com/