Monday, January 7, 2019

10 Tips To Choose The Best Project Management ERP

Many businesses doesn't find traditional ERP much effective and approaches the Project Management ERP which is a brand-new approach to enterprise software that implements project management techniques and features. This software module meets the requirements of engineer-to-order and make-to-order manufacturers by providing specialized planning and tracking tools which is necessary to manage straightforward production and overall finances. It provides a true end-to-end solution and a complete overview of the company's processes when compared to traditional ERP. Many service based organization, construction companies and project based manufacturers find this software much useful.

Features of a project based ERP

The project based ERP consists of many features such as:

  • Project Based Accounting which allows the accounting staffs to record the costs and revenue of different projects and gives the users the financial state and report on the project level.
  • Human Resource Management can exhibit more trends in human resources which can be presented in a number of ways which includes visual reports such as graphs and charts.
  • Supply Chain Management provides the project-based manufacturing software which can manage an iterative supply chain. It focusses on the thorough understanding of the product's lifecycles through end to end management of the supply chain.
  • Customer Relationship Management helps to manage all customer related issues and inquiries in one system using customer portals. With the help of the CRM tools, the complete customer data and history is supplied which also includes previous conversations and purchase history.
  • Project Management is the system's ability to centralize and integrate different processes. The project management tools are provided to aid project based organization and also enables users to manage billing, invoicing and contracts for optimizing the payment collection process.

Project Management ERP In Saudi also consists of these features and provides tools to synchronize dates, track statuses, ensure profitability and avoid missed deadlines. It also has the cost accounting functionality to manage the project costs.

To select the best project management ERP some of these features must be considered:

  • User friendly interface
  • Monitor Profit and Loss on projects
  • Approval based workflows
  • Activity based costing
  • Cost allocation on material & equipment to projects
  • Project based procurement
  • Integrated to financials
  • Business specific Dashboards for project management, project financial tracking, and engineering.
  • Business specific Reports which tracks project status, costing and earned values.
  • Better visibility & control on inventory

Project Management ERP In Saudi is an end to end solution which provides specialized tools for planning and tracking which is designed to meet the needs related to effective project management and the skills, techniques, knowledge required for managing and accounting of the projects.

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