Wednesday, October 24, 2018

VAT Enabled ERP Software Solutions in Bahrain

Nowadays, the word, VAT is common among us but actually, what is it? I think a majority of us don't have a clear picture about it. We have heard that VAT is going to be implemented in GCC including Bahrain, UAE, Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait, and Oman. It is a true fact that this new tax calculation will affect the companies in these regions.

What is VAT or value-added tax? VAT is a consumption tax which is placed on a product. i.e. it is the tax that we pay on goods and services. Since this tax rate is based on the location of the consumer, it is implemented as a destination based tax. Usually, the VAT rate is decided by the state by calculating the percentage of end market price. It is considered at each stage of the supply chain.VAT can be calculated by two methods either by invoice based method or by accounts based method. More than 160 countries use this taxation because it has many advantages.

What are the advantages of VAT?

  • Provide a stable revenue base
  • It can be imposed on all types of businesses
  • Provide strong incentives for business
  • Reduce obstacles to exports
  • Useful to maintain a balanced tax system

VAT Enabled ERP Software

Actually, most of the ERP software systems are equipped with some kind of VAT. VAT Enabled ERP Software in Bahrain verify VAT treatment of business's transactions mechanically or manual method. iCresp is one of the leading VAT enabled ERP software solutions in Bahrain. This software will be useful for companies to carry out VAT related activities efficiently. This software will be useful to kept business accounting up to date.

Companies which don't have a VAT-enabled ERP software will have to face the following problems -

  • Tax issues
  • Accounting issues
  • Cash flow forecasting issues
  • Penalties for VAT taxation
  • Manual data entry burdens
  • Internal and external pressures
  • Tax compliance
  • Tax audit assistance

iCresp which is the best VAT enabled software Bahrain is user-friendly, budget-friendly, robust and can be customized to meet your financial demands. It will manage your business taxation and thus you can overcome the above-mentioned issues. By referring to the following site, you can know more features of this software system -

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